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The name AWANA comes from the first letters of the verse “approved workmen are not ashamed” [2 Timothy 2:15].

AWANA is a national children’s ministry program centered on weekly bible verse memorizations, large groups lessons, and game times to help teach and train up God’s beloved children according to the solid foundation of the Word of God.

Here at Great Commission Church’s AWANA Children’s Ministry, we provide a structured program for our church’s congregational families to build up their child’s faith on a foundation of the holy scriptures that they may come to understand the fundamental Gospel truths early on and learn to love, obey, and serve the Lord. We hope that the Bible truly becomes a light unto every child’s feet and a lamp unto their paths.

Our AWANA Program is a nine-month program from September to May and is held Friday nights from 7:30-9:30 in our second floor English Chapel. We enroll children and youth from preschool to high- school.

Our GCCI AWANA Program is home to over 200 children and youth and we are always looking for joyful and enthusiastic parent volunteers to come serve with us. Please fill out our Parent Volunteer and AWANA Teacher Forms for more information on how to get involved and join our leadership team.

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AWANA 2017-2018 is now enrolling! This year our theme is “A New Year, A New Grace” 新的一年,新的恩典. Every curriculum and Large Group Lesson we are currently planning for your child this year will carry the objective of God’s Grace. Last year, by God’s Grace, we experienced a year of God’s Faithful Providence. Our theme song this year is the hymn “Grace Greater Than All Our Sin”. May each thing we do this year in our GCCI AWANA ministry be to Thy Grace, Thy Sweet Sovereign Grace. May we see more of His grace guiding us as we discover the height and depth of His Grace together.


Dear Parents, I am greatly joyful the Lord has directed your path to enroll your child in the AWANA Children’s Ministry at the Great Commission Church! We welcome you to our church and to our GCCI AWANA ministry.  Whether you’re a new, prospective, or returning AWANA Parent, here at the GCCI AWANA Ministry, we care about you and your child! We hope that you and your child will have an exciting and faithful year with us. My prayer for every child who attends GCCI’s AWANA is that the Good Lord bless and watch over your child, the Good Lord establish and strengthen your child according to His precepts, the Good Lord increase your child’s faith in the sweet promises of the Gospel, the Good Lord our Chief Shepherd lead your child in trust and obedience by His rod and staff, and the Good Lord guide your child to understand and do Thy Will.

-MS. Christine
AWANA Commander GCCI


We at GCCI’s AWANA want to build the very best ministry for our very best kids. We are committed to “Pursuing excellence as unto the Lord” and we believe in “teaching and training God’s beloved children to love, obey, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ according to the solid foundation of the Word of God.”


The AWANA Children’s Ministry at GCCI requires all AWANA Parents be currently and regularly attending a GCCI Cell Group. If you need more information regarding our church cell group’s please contact the Main Office. All children between the ages of Preschool and Highschool (Ages 4-18) are welcome to attend AWANA.

If you have any questions in regards to the AWANA ministry, please contact:
AWANA Commander: Christine Tsai at 626-961-1659 ext. 236, E-mail: [email protected]
AWANA Administrative Secretary: Jenny Wu at 626-961-1659 ext. 245, E-mail: [email protected] or your Cell Group Leader for more informations.

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